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Olympia Plumbing Leak Services

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Plumbing leaks might not be easy to notice, as the house's pipework is not visible to you. But if these tiny leakages go unnoticed for a long time, then it can cost a lot to get them fixed.

There are many kinds of plumbing leaks, some can even flood your basement and house. Most leaks occur at joints or in the pipe.

But in most cases, leaks are not easily detectable. It takes a professional plumber with the right equipment to find the leak and its origin.

We at Plumbers in Olympia have the latest equipment. This allows our plumbers to perform their job in an effective and accurate way.

We offer comprehensive leak detection services, designed to diagnose and fix leakages.

Common causes of leaks

There are many reasons for a leak to form and it can happen anywhere in your house. An early sign is an increased readings on your water meter.

Small, visible spots on your house floor or carpets, and water backed up in your lawn, are also common signs.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the main sources of leakages. The pipes installed there are not in a straight-line. They connect with joints; another important place to look for symptoms.

High water pressure also leads to damaged pipes and can lead to leaks or pipes bursting.

Extreme temperature changes can also crack pipes and cause leakages.

If you notice any of these signs make sure to contact us and we will fix the leak on the same day.

Plumbing Leakages Maintenance in Olympia

Equipment is important when it comes to fixing the leaks. We use high tech tools and video cameras to accurately track the leaks.

Infrared technology is also used by our plumbers. This helps them detect leaks through walls and ceiling panels or to detect warm spots.

To reduce your risk of damage, have a plumbing company check your plumbing system often.We offer an annual plumbing inspection provided by our highly trained team.

They will inspect your house for possible leaks and other clogging issues and will fix them for you.